The moon angers of your beauty

shrouding itself in drapes of darkness


The sea laments its cry for attention

but naught was given


They say love is in the eye of the

beholder, so I told her you don’t

need no mascara for me to comprehend

why the sun rises from your gaze




Naira, Viva Africa

Denomination of the largest

at the lowest


Proudest citizen

gripen by the largest



Broad-day light

zombie in reverse

rehearse mutiny


Women are my inspiration,

desperation to acquire them all

like a precious jewel


Afrobeat taunts my

heartbeat to the melancholy

melodramatic beat of Fela


Visionary at the expense of aids

Smoke in my windpipe; my

intelligence is ripe

My rough edges smooth from



Marriage, an initiation with no

benefact. Tactical act to defy

simplicity of partnership


Marriage, love age like natural

substance with no expiry