Connotation to Brown Love

To answer, I opened
your book and freshened
my thoughts.

Regardless! No love lost,
the rudiments’ of love
conflicts meanings in one vessel.
Through the drama I stuck to your commentary.
Your love faded, and
my heart beats no longer,
but simply linger

Life of girls so contagious,
how surprising I’m married to
myself like a divorcee.

Verily my love gradually thins.
I dream of rhyming you a river,
but my mind quiver.
Nice dim light like Sulphur,
But now I see clearer….
This love is a short thing.

8|20 8|19 15|22|5|18.

Concealed thoughts
switches to code mode,
but I’m no Leonardo.
Hey Mono Lisa your
half body
half thought
half mind
is a full enigma.
but by no means
are you half measure
in your pleasures..
A sensual gratification
unleashed by my touch.

© Dotun Gb | Poems