Let it be that we

sentence our soul

against the energy thieves

of the night


For as long as I touch thee,

my lungs will forever





Dark Knight


I battle on precarious hill of Ely,

in the dark summer months of July.

Like a game of chess I’m your dark

knight in times of war.


Against the ravaging breeze,

you put the Voodoo in Vodum.

Your sex is my doom, it defies description.

A straight path to destrcution.

The crackling fire

defies your beaut.

Servant to the night,

darkness succumbs to it.

The wind whispers of it.


Like the Templar knights, I’m a man of faith.

The Five Pilars keep same safe

Commandments of Mount Sinai

banishes sex in mind for fourty nights.

Still my fate remains entwined with you.

I resent soul mate, but rejoice

in the physicality of affection

through attraction.


Who’s your man?

Let him gaze with hate

as we mate.

Let us swim in timeless harmony in

an ocean of love where exists not,

the ultimatum of time and space.


Unbound to the laws of physics.

I disrupt the constellation for

your attention


Who am I ?

I’m the closest warmth to your breast

in the month of Occtober.

The cardigan against the hooligan

in the month of Novemeber.


Who am I ?


Seductive poet of sublime

injection of  euphoric

methaphoric jizm.

The conqueror of your mind

yet the Queen of my mine.

The sonically euphonic voice,

with pristine phonetics.

I stay steadfast to increase you.

when  they plan to reduce you,

The orgin of love is none but you

You read me like manuscript.

A single musical note, soprano!

A loaf to the dying soul you are.

My love condensed to a ring,

A sign of my commitment..

Afar from me my heart  feints, 

you resurect me with your scent 

You’re my sixth sense.

Without you nothing makes sense

© Dotun Gb |Poems