I was a passion fruit until taken

against my will, and scattered like

common corn with no cob in a foreign

soil to toil


I am one, with every creak and turn

of the slave ship. I no longer fear them;

I have grown accustomed.





Kin of historical slaves

For every kin,  for every kingdom

Slavery and freedom I see

Tear embedded in the very words I script


Slavery and freedom, for every kin

My words are enslaved to my emotions

To whom shall I ask for recompense

Shall I blame the thick lips who sold

me to the thin lips

Or is just destiny mutating badly


I say, my world is enslaved by fear

For every kin,  for every kingdom

Freedom and slavery I see





Through the ages of time I
have seen it all from the rise
and fall of empires, to the
rise and fall of great men.

Through the ages of time my
people suffer with lack of
knowledge, they die in vain
regressively imperialised
with lack of knowledge.

Through the ages of time,
greed ever present, jealousy
ever present, vanity ever

Through the ages of time I
see suppression and imperial
colonialism in Africa, Asia,
Native Americans
and Aborigines of Australia.

Through the ages of time I see
the control and exploitation of
power through capitalism
I see the;
Portuguese Era
British Empire
Spanish Era
French Era
Dutch Era
Ottoman Era
Roman Empire
Arabian Era
Greek Era

Through the ages of time I
see slaves as tools and toys
for the purpose of supremacy.
I see slavery as false mercantilism,
I see slavery as supply on demand
for brutal purposes.

Through the ages of time I see
slavery as mirage and cracked fragment of a beautiful mirror.
I see slavery as the pioneer of
socialism through equality.
I see slavery in modern, as
glossed and blunt to perfection,
to meet the dull eye of the modern society.

Through the ages of time I see
slaves die without the chance
to reproduce themselves.
I see supply of new slaves to the
new world for plantation

Through the ages of time
Do you see what I see ?

© Dotun Gb | Poems



Like biblical Joseph
I was betrayed by my own.

They are not to be blamed
they simply lack knowledge.

They wished death upon me
but The Lord delivered me like
Daniel in the lion’s den.

Death seeked me but I defied it.
With sands of time, at the hands of
my master, I suffered but conquered
oppression like Muhammed and the
people of Mecca.

In turmoil I toil; but the lord blessed
me with a seed. It germinated and
blossomed in the harsh sovereign of
foreign soil, beyond expectation;

fulfilling the promised blessings of Abraham.

My first heir was born; Soul, and the
second; Jazz. They crowned my effort
giving birth to Rhythm and Blues.

My seeds spread like pollination all
over the world, as far as the wind blows..

All glory be to God, the Merciful,
who has given us this day to remember,
and so we must cherish to remember
the ancient struggles.

© Dotun Gb | Poems