Even marble tender with

love, so why your heart

refuses I wonder


I marvel at the shimmering

star of the dark sky


The secrets behind the

sky I unravel


Your lips soft like the

spoken words of

a of lover


Moon kissed the sun

an eclipse is born,

perfect opportune to

lock lips till eternity.






Love Season

Kiss of life you gave, I refuse to take

Love season, the angels by her side

The sky is blue its full of love

Her beauty flew the seven seas

How many times I took your breath ashore

She loves no more, it grows dark every season

Sky & Sea


Nothing compares to the beauty of nature.

The beauty of the sea and the sky, all

wrapped together and given to us,

as a whole served on golden platter.

The sea subdued to our wishes, we sail

and harness all that is good.

The sky

ever changing

ever glorious

ever wonderful

ever magnificent.

Gracing us with its forever

and ever changing  display of art.

Even the strongest of heart cascades

at the sight of its sunset.

The sunrise warming even the coldest of soul.

Truly nothing surpasses the radiant beauty of nature,

I simply stand in awe admiration of your beauty as you

inspire me to write this


© Dotun Gb | Poems