For the Girls

For the girls I know

Its been a pleasure

From dark to brown to white

For the girls I once loved

For the girls who love me but I don’t

For the girls I wished I had cherished but never did

For the girls I never loved but pretended to

For the good and bad girls, I love u all

For the girls who hate but secretly love

For the girls who genuinely hate,

To every girl in this world I love u all.

But! To my rarest rose – the flower

that blossoms with affection,

true words escapes me so I smile in 

acknowledgement of what we both share .


I Love them


I love them,
They are delicate creatures
I love them
They make life worth living
I love them
They help you help themselves
I love them
They are very emotional
I love them
They help you reach your goals
I love them
They can kill you
I love them
They love us but they never show
I love them
But not as much as I love you.

© Dotun Gb | Poems