The moon angers of your beauty

shrouding itself in drapes of darkness


The sea laments its cry for attention

but naught was given


They say love is in the eye of the

beholder, so I told her you don’t

need no mascara for me to comprehend

why the sun rises from your gaze



Lights of Heaven

I reach for the night Queen;

the moon, where it roots

unmoved as I spy the sun

the King of day


I plunge deep where

fluids intersect not; where

Kings and Queens swim in

timeless cosmo.


Even marble tender with

love, so why your heart

refuses I wonder


I marvel at the shimmering

star of the dark sky


The secrets behind the

sky I unravel


Your lips soft like the

spoken words of

a of lover


Moon kissed the sun

an eclipse is born,

perfect opportune to

lock lips till eternity.