Even marble tender with

love, so why your heart

refuses I wonder


I marvel at the shimmering

star of the dark sky


The secrets behind the

sky I unravel


Your lips soft like the

spoken words of

a of lover


Moon kissed the sun

an eclipse is born,

perfect opportune to

lock lips till eternity.






Love Season

Kiss of life you gave, I refuse to take

Love season, the angels by her side

The sky is blue its full of love

Her beauty flew the seven seas

How many times I took your breath ashore

She loves no more, it grows dark every season

Sentimental Mood


The sweetest thing

I had ever known

is the kiss of love


Unexpected; warm

as the sun is love


I try to explain

Your kiss stains

my brain


I see you in my

sleep, your kiss



I try to explain its all in vain

The smell of happiness

Your smell remains