Find me amongst the
discarded hearts,
your heart
weeps for warmth


I am all

I am all that you see; I am all.

I am all,

My teeth is white

My skin is black; I am all.

I am all,

My heart is yours

My name is my origin; I am all.

I am all,

As I fall in love with you; I am all.


Naira, Viva Africa

Denomination of the largest

at the lowest


Proudest citizen

gripen by the largest



Broad-day light

zombie in reverse

rehearse mutiny


Women are my inspiration,

desperation to acquire them all

like a precious jewel


Afrobeat taunts my

heartbeat to the melancholy

melodramatic beat of Fela


Visionary at the expense of aids

Smoke in my windpipe; my

intelligence is ripe

My rough edges smooth from



Marriage, an initiation with no

benefact. Tactical act to defy

simplicity of partnership


Marriage, love age like natural

substance with no expiry



Sky & Sea


Nothing compares to the beauty of nature.

The beauty of the sea and the sky, all

wrapped together and given to us,

as a whole served on golden platter.

The sea subdued to our wishes, we sail

and harness all that is good.

The sky

ever changing

ever glorious

ever wonderful

ever magnificent.

Gracing us with its forever

and ever changing  display of art.

Even the strongest of heart cascades

at the sight of its sunset.

The sunrise warming even the coldest of soul.

Truly nothing surpasses the radiant beauty of nature,

I simply stand in awe admiration of your beauty as you

inspire me to write this


© Dotun Gb | Poems