Teardrop germinates love from a deserted heart

I can’t cry, but I cry my words in speech

Mend my heart with stitch

Replace my teeth with thorns that bleed

Eyes won’t bleed but I made my words cry.







Such a fat cow u are!!
I chuckle coz ur fake
But she continued to bake
I starred at u,
And all I see is hate,
My fate is sealed
So I concealed myself.
Again I starred at u
And all I see is anger
This spells danger
She reached for a knife,
I must run before she kills me.
Please hun don’t kill me, I pleaded
But she was too far gone.
She began to cry
Then I begin to cry
She took a step forward
And I took a step backward.
I told her think about the kids
But that only enraged her,
Now I see the determination in
her eyes. My death has come to me,
and there is nothing I can do
to stop it now.

To be continued…

© Dotun Gb | Poems