I lay open,

naked to the elements

I lay open,

under the full moon

I lay open,

staying  frozen

no emotions

I remain naked

demoted to a beast

no sanity.



My Life is Over

My life is over
I know not who I am
Nor what I’ll do next
The savouring food is gone
There’s no more fun.
You over there, and me over here
tears me apart every year.

My life is over,
I will take my life at dover
Or maybe I should think it over
Death couldn’t be any closer
But I’m scared
What if tomorrow is another day,
may be I should delay
No! It’s all lies.

My life is over,
I’m going to do it now.
As I stand on the ledge starring into the darkness of the sea, I hear it call.
The cold wind send feverish chills up my spine as I gaze at the mid-night sky.
My brain numb like lolly
So I called Holly before committing.

My life is over,
All too soon my heart begins to beat
I can no longer feel my feet
My pupil begin to dilate
I could no longer relate
I think of my dog, sleek
Tears begin to roll down my cheeks.

My life is over?
Oh you thought this was over
No it is not over
I don’t write sad stories but
this is the first, over.
Over the cliffs of mount zion
I saw my future self as the overseer
So I travel oversea to become a farmer who plants clover to get closer to u.
Even when I say it’s over it’s never really over. I’m so over you.
I can go on forever if you let me,
but I’ll rather chill and listen to Hov,
as I think of something else to write.

My life just blossom.

© Dotun Gb | Poems