Why am I breaking

loose to condense.

Should I accept;

to digest to be free?


A white cloth

weeps for blood.

Yet many doves

rise from ashes.


Free – will


Free-will is a burden.

A burden for a God fearing person.

Free-will is a test

A test that everyone shall attest

Free-will sets us apart

Apart from the fact we are more liable

to sin and go astray.

Free-will gives eminence,

éminence grise indeed.

© Dotun Gb | Poems

I Am 1


I am one,
Only one in one lonley place at one time,
I think only of you once in one hour.
I can’t be bothered to call, not
twice not thrice but only once.
I call you one time and that’s it.

With one pair of eyes I glance at
you only once, and then I pounce on.
I say to you, your not the one
then you get mad.

I only have one life on this earth,
so must make it count,
I only live once so must yolo.

I believe only in one God
so I fast only for one God.
I believe in life after death
so I pray only to one God.

I see myself as one in a million
but only through a crooked eye.

I have no time for y’all but one.
You snooze once, u loose all.

My mind tells me your the one,
but I fail to believe.
How can I ever be satisfied with just one.

© Dotun Gb | Poems