We danced through

the night

Roses of lies

on a bed of erotica


My lips on you

Top to bottom

I’m kissing between

your thighs

My hips tight on yours

I’m yours tonight


We fused in time

tick-tock of the clock

no longer counts


To the night we ceased

We ceased the moon

We teased the stars

We condensate in glory


like steam — an embodiment

of seduction.




Explicit 1


You caught me off guard,
as your tear drop moisten the soil,
I massaged your feet sensually
with jasmine and vanilla oil.
My heart unfolds, as I peered
through your blouse

I feel the sudden rush of blood,
Intense symphony fills the air
Our body moving comprehensively
in harmonic synchronisation,
The birds begin to tweet
Your spring begin to gush
The river begin to overflow
The dam now at its full capacity
The champagne bottle finally pops
Time begins to rewind as we unwind.

Now I’m beginning to slow
Now I begin to tire
Now darkness has fallen
So we lit fire, and wrap together like a cocoon,
as we reminisce under the moon light.

I shrugged as the alarm rang,
come to think about it,
it was all just a bad dream.

© Dotun Gb | Poems

Love Jones

Say baby can
I be your slave

Sister from the
distant yet rising

..Is your name

Coz aye!
Your so darn

Who am I…?

Baby I’m nobody.., but
whoever you want
me to be tonight…

…Is that alright ?


You say you gotta man..?

Baby fuck your man!!
It’s you I wanna
be stepping to

Who am I ?

Baby I’m nobody

but a blue
for your left
thigh tonight..

Walk that walk money
talk that talk honey

Baby right now, right here,
this moment, this is our night!

Girl I dont care who’s watching
but I wanna love you like a