Verus Amor

True love, Nothing but an illusion. Illusion blind and deaf to my senses, but yet you pursue. True love, Nothing but an inanimate dream for those plagued with misfortunes of love, tainted with scars of shattered heart. But still you believe. I guess I do too, but I conceal in latin Una in perpetuum Semper … Continue reading Verus Amor


Oh! Loving you has been a nightmare. Really it has, but not your hymen Loving you is comparable to the unsettling waves of an ocean. But it is hard to let go off your hymen Loving you is the biggest mistake ever. But your hymen makes up for all. © Dotun Gb | Poems Related … Continue reading Hymen

Smart Plagiarist

I pray to God on Sunday to keep me till Monday. I think all day for inspiration but get nothing So I pray again on Friday but still nothing. I try to remain steadfast in prayers but still nothing. So I begin to question his existence. I begin to think, My mind begin to linger … Continue reading Smart Plagiarist

My Life is Over

My life is over I know not who I am Nor what I’ll do next The savouring food is gone There’s no more fun. You over there, and me over here tears me apart every year. My life is over, I will take my life at dover Or maybe I should think it over Death … Continue reading My Life is Over