I Prostrate

I prostrate
my emotions
within; to see,
and receive the
sun at dawn


Happy Eid Mubarak to everyone


Happy Eid Mubarak to all the muslim brothers and sisters everywhere in the world. Much has suffered on both sides, but I pray for less commotion and a change of heart from these radicals trying to taint this beautiful religion. I also pray for those who has been hurt deeply, that there wounds are healed and they are made whole again

One love

Prayer to God

Who else would I thank for
giving me this brain

None but you O’ God

I can try to compete with
The Psalm of David

But I would rather glorify you
in my own way

I acknowledge your love for me

But sometimes I feel you have deserted me

And the worst part is that
you say nothing back

How supreme you are

I read the Quran and meditate
on the Bible and it makes
perfect sense

So the reason why others see
it not, I wonder

Oh well it’s their doom I guess

I pray that you forgive me of
my transgression
and instil your fear in me

Please do not let me go astray!!
Soften my heart like the clouds
of the sky

Have mercy on me, my family
and friends

Guide me through my daily
walks of life and forgive me of my
future trespasses

I commit myself unto your
hands O’ God

© Dotun Gb | Poems



I’m scared.
Scared of my faith.
I love my faith
But I hate to exhibit.
They think I’m one
But I assure you I’m not.
I see the hate in their eyes
They want to nail me to a peg
But I legged it.
So shall a son be then punished
for the sins of his father.
I love my faith but they ruined it
They ruined my beloved faith

© Dotun Gb | Poems

Free – will


Free-will is a burden.

A burden for a God fearing person.

Free-will is a test

A test that everyone shall attest

Free-will sets us apart

Apart from the fact we are more liable

to sin and go astray.

Free-will gives eminence,

éminence grise indeed.

© Dotun Gb | Poems



Meet the heir to the house of Gb,

and my fair sister, as I strive to be a role model.

I never break character coz, I’m so calm

but still I care, a typical trait of a real heir.

I hear all their rumours but refuse to share.

They want me to comply with their dodgy

dealing so I stand out as an outcast.

At last I watched cloud atlas where I get the

inspiration to outsmart them, outlive them,

outrun them, while I refuse to join them.

So they plot to throw me into a den

But then my God placed me on a pedestal of

glory, far beyond their imagination that they

begin to stutter. Their tongues locked unable to utter,

their eyes flutter with disgust.

But I just looked up to the sky and praised your

name, for verily this moment I know you are with me