Black Canvas 

Though light bright;

but on black canvases,

naught is given.


These words

Delicate these words are

For  one day we shall all die.

Think twice before you dive

For all is one; love, laughter and cries.


The ocean secretes virtue,

It harbours secrets;

But, it never interprets nor judges.

For you must let go to grow

To incarnate your emotion like

an ocean.





We reach the gates of future,

wearing our sleeves of past

Destiny embraces, testimony rolls

off tongue it divides dream from reality


I step into unknown; the known

vanishes leaving room for the

unknown to occupy


The unseen foe watches


Future blind to the oculist

Plans untold distort controlled by

rattled state of mind

Broken Jar

A broken woman
with a broken heart
mends her heart with
a token of anger and hate for
the man she once loved.

He came like the thief
of the night, stole her love
and left her mind open like
a broken door.

Many men infiltrated
her body, raided her mind like
the tombs of great Pharaoh’s
of Egypt.

Now she sees men as
disgust as she walks around
with a veil of hate and mistrust.

After Sex

We sex then
I space you
out because
you need your
space, although
you didn’t say

She feels the
hurt, so I stay
right here
my thoughts

My eye is a
pair so blame
me not if I act

I walk
from being
out of space
from her

I am so
my pupil is
so dilated

We drink and
bottle all
in this liquor

Lets get faded,
I evade you
with my words;
my thoughts
so crowded in

You hear me but
don’t feel me
You feel me but
don’t see me

Let me write
to you in
three lines
No need to lie
this is me no
deception a true
reflection, but
the multitude
of her like lucifer

I say to you
my thought
is a cobweb in
this maze,
a mere recipe
for disaster
So lets get
drunk and
bottle all
that brought
us this far back
into the future.

50 Shades of thoughts

It is of course inevitably pointless,

to reverie in what could have been

and what couldn’t.

The earth’s rotation imparts

swirl of gyration of emotions within.

Two-faced orbital individuals have me

shifting attitude like magnetic needle

in a fluctuating altitude.

Made in the purest of form,

50 shades of grey,

50 shades of ashes;

two colours only

like binary digits

have them giving birth

to 50 shades of race.

Confiscated thoughts

“my mind locked up in the future, so i reminisce

from this confiscated viral matrix.

infected social  loop have me rooted

around people living their life in circles.

changing by the minute the swirl in

this liquor have me changing by the second.

riches the capital goal for capitalism, my mind tied up,

seized up, locked up in this du-rag allowing for infiltration

of  feint hope.

one-man single player mode like play-station sony

have me feeling monopsony. born on a full moon in cold winter,

but then winter existed not. i drift in fluid, all too soon a visitor to the new world;

dark of skin, blood on skin, kin to quiet man. born on a full moon, from womb my end already

determined to end in tomb”

For the Girls

For the girls I know

Its been a pleasure

From dark to brown to white

For the girls I once loved

For the girls who love me but I don’t

For the girls I wished I had cherished but never did

For the girls I never loved but pretended to

For the good and bad girls, I love u all

For the girls who hate but secretly love

For the girls who genuinely hate,

To every girl in this world I love u all.

But! To my rarest rose – the flower

that blossoms with affection,

true words escapes me so I smile in 

acknowledgement of what we both share .

Informal Lovers

my thought of you

strikes a harmonic chord

against the rhythm of my

thumping heart; the vibration

lingers on-and-on-and-on.

you’re the music i loved once,

but i just don’t love you

no more.


contradictory to every notion

i know; the motion of my

drum-stick against the tender

drum leads to regret every time

you walk-by.


i see the sunrise and i think

of you; but i just don’t love

you; still you forever remain

with me.


hugging and kissing; memory

lane casts solitary happiness

with no one to share with but



you are my poetry in words, my

regrets be the prose in free verse,

and all i can do is reminiscence

through these walls.


Through the ages of time I
have seen it all from the rise
and fall of empires, to the
rise and fall of great men.

Through the ages of time my
people suffer with lack of
knowledge, they die in vain
regressively imperialised
with lack of knowledge.

Through the ages of time,
greed ever present, jealousy
ever present, vanity ever

Through the ages of time I
see suppression and imperial
colonialism in Africa, Asia,
Native Americans
and Aborigines of Australia.

Through the ages of time I see
the control and exploitation of
power through capitalism
I see the;
Portuguese Era
British Empire
Spanish Era
French Era
Dutch Era
Ottoman Era
Roman Empire
Arabian Era
Greek Era

Through the ages of time I
see slaves as tools and toys
for the purpose of supremacy.
I see slavery as false mercantilism,
I see slavery as supply on demand
for brutal purposes.

Through the ages of time I see
slavery as mirage and cracked fragment of a beautiful mirror.
I see slavery as the pioneer of
socialism through equality.
I see slavery in modern, as
glossed and blunt to perfection,
to meet the dull eye of the modern society.

Through the ages of time I see
slaves die without the chance
to reproduce themselves.
I see supply of new slaves to the
new world for plantation

Through the ages of time
Do you see what I see ?

© Dotun Gb | Poems