My heart sank

It sunk deep

into the abyss.

So deep into

the sea, no

glimmer of light

can enlighten

the path to hope


My heart sank,

it sang rhythms

of love trapped in

the past. Love of one.

The one whom he

forever loves.




Teardrop germinates love from a deserted heart

I can’t cry, but I cry my words in speech

Mend my heart with stitch

Replace my teeth with thorns that bleed

Eyes won’t bleed but I made my words cry.




For the Girls

For the girls I know

Its been a pleasure

From dark to brown to white

For the girls I once loved

For the girls who love me but I don’t

For the girls I wished I had cherished but never did

For the girls I never loved but pretended to

For the good and bad girls, I love u all

For the girls who hate but secretly love

For the girls who genuinely hate,

To every girl in this world I love u all.

But! To my rarest rose – the flower

that blossoms with affection,

true words escapes me so I smile in 

acknowledgement of what we both share .

Show Me

It was valentines day
Here you are, there I am
ready to propose.

Beauty rare like rose
Till end of time; love
forever, I love for
the moment

You say I’m yours
I reply with smile
My girl, I need you

Why don’t you show
me your love
because I don’t want
to argue all night

Its valentines day;
show me, you love
me and you won’t
have to say a word
till the break of dawn.

© Dotun Gb | Poems

Sweet Lady

Fine lady

would you

be mine.


others you

give me no


You’re the

rarest flower,

you bloom with


and affection.

Make a fool

of me not, for

I have nothing

but this subscription

to your love.

For as long

as you live

I love you,

more and more;

even if you want

me to kiss places.

From the

kitchen floor

to the table

to the backyard

to the bedroom

we’ll be breaking

stuff because

that’s what it’s

made for.

© Dotun Gb |Poems


Not a church
girl she was

My poetry is
a metaphor for
the unknown.
Known to
none but me.

Your heart beats
out of bounds infinitely.
Infidelity taunts me.

I see men slamming
her, an’ taking her
to the sewer.

Out goes the
braids, in comes
the weave.

My dignity
is my pride.

It’s hurts
but I never

But I bring
her home for
she’s far
from the usual.

© Dotun Gb | Poems

Connotation to Brown Love

To answer, I opened
your book and freshened
my thoughts.

Regardless! No love lost,
the rudiments’ of love
conflicts meanings in one vessel.
Through the drama I stuck to your commentary.
Your love faded, and
my heart beats no longer,
but simply linger

Life of girls so contagious,
how surprising I’m married to
myself like a divorcee.

Verily my love gradually thins.
I dream of rhyming you a river,
but my mind quiver.
Nice dim light like Sulphur,
But now I see clearer….
This love is a short thing.

8|20 8|19 15|22|5|18.

Concealed thoughts
switches to code mode,
but I’m no Leonardo.
Hey Mono Lisa your
half body
half thought
half mind
is a full enigma.
but by no means
are you half measure
in your pleasures..
A sensual gratification
unleashed by my touch.

© Dotun Gb | Poems

Verus Amor

True love,
Nothing but
an illusion.
Illusion blind
and deaf
to my senses,
but yet you

True love,
Nothing but an
inanimate dream
for those
plagued with
of love, tainted
with scars of
shattered heart.

But still you believe.
I guess I do too,
but I conceal in latin

Una in perpetuum
Semper fidelis
Ab imo pectore
Te amo

© Dotun Gb | Poems



Loving you has been a nightmare.
Really it has, but not your hymen
Loving you is comparable to the
unsettling waves of an ocean.
But it is hard to let go off your hymen
Loving you is the biggest mistake ever.
But your hymen makes up for all.