Black Canvas 

Though light bright;

but on black canvases,

naught is given.


These words

Delicate these words are

For  one day we shall all die.

Think twice before you dive

For all is one; love, laughter and cries.


The ocean secretes virtue,

It harbours secrets;

But, it never interprets nor judges.

For you must let go to grow

To incarnate your emotion like

an ocean.





My heart sank

It sunk deep

into the abyss.

So deep into

the sea, no

glimmer of light

can enlighten

the path to hope


My heart sank,

it sang rhythms

of love trapped in

the past. Love of one.

The one whom he

forever loves.



Let me pass these
words to your ears

When I have a child
It better be a daughter
because I love how
my father care for his

When I have a son
he better behave and
have the work ethic of
my mother and the
compassion of my sister.

When I have a wife
It better be you but
nobody else.

When you have a man
it better be me , the better

Sex & Deceit

1 night of wonder
In my car of Honda
Night sky lit by thunder
A marital poem by choice
so let no one put asunder
Another poem for the moment
I wander in search of love
A thief of the night
My glove of utility
Guilty of sensual pleasures
Orgasmic fingers at work yet again
What is my gain, nothing. I only aim
to please. Too often my love on lease
like an ageing prostitute. Sex offers neither excitement nor happiness.

Success keeps me up till dawn;
My stomach churns courtesy
of acidic stress of this life
Midnight, a night of doom;
to whom shall I call my wife

Women, creatures of elegance
You deserve respect but your
deceit inspires irrespective thoughts.

© Dotun Gb | Poems


Not a church
girl she was

My poetry is
a metaphor for
the unknown.
Known to
none but me.

Your heart beats
out of bounds infinitely.
Infidelity taunts me.

I see men slamming
her, an’ taking her
to the sewer.

Out goes the
braids, in comes
the weave.

My dignity
is my pride.

It’s hurts
but I never

But I bring
her home for
she’s far
from the usual.

© Dotun Gb | Poems

Fake World

In a confused world,
exists fake embodiment

Confused in thought
I reciprocate with
a smile.

False or true,
a smile is a smile,
masking deep thoughts.

Mooring line secures
tangible mind to ocean

Invertebrate creatures
soaring high and above,
while I remain-chained to
this floor

Verily in this confused
world, equality is tainted….

To be continued

© Dotun Gb | Poems