Black Canvas 

Though light bright;

but on black canvases,

naught is given.



Success through
oppression. The
great King of Egypt
perfected it with
the Israelites.

Two faced similitude
coined by African
parents through their
lacklustre words.

Words sharper than
the tip of an arrow,
piercing through my
skin reaching
for my heart.

Misguided and misinformed
they guide to perfection
words of suppression,
suffocating my hopes
and dreams.

But unknown to the
young bewildered heart,
they oppress not, but
only for my cause, for
the day I rise to become
the Phoenix.

© Dotun Gb | Poems

Dark Skin


My dark skin complicates things

far beyond my imaginations.

The dark sky lit by the radiant beauty of the

moon shows the beauty of darkness.

I wonder where my

dark skin will take me.

I wonder, will my dark skin ever

hold me back from glory.

I know not the answer.

My left eye sees nothing but the darkness

of this world, whilst my right sees light.

What a biased view.

The rim of your eyes is the rim of mine,

yet you discriminate against me.

Why, because I’m a dark colour.

I work twice to get noticed, still you pick

other colour before me.

You think I’m an insignificant colour,

oh! but I assure you I’m so significant

I’m so rich you have no idea.

So rich in melanin I need no sun-cream,

I produce my own pigments.

Still I’m just a figment of your imagination.

I’m so strong you have no idea

So strong I absorb other colours they make me king.

So strong my features shows through them all.

Now do you still think me insignificant?

You best not I advise, before I pounce

on your DNA and re-arrange it, like a

virus attacking your immune system.

Yours truly

Dark skin . X