STORY: Prisoners

He drinks a cup of liquor to cure
his heartache. He lost his father
to a mercenary and now he sees it
necessary to kill, so he
experiences illusionary
imagination but he’s no missionary

Totally brainwashed from elementary
his primary goal was revenge by any means necessary, that he breathes and bathes in rainwater just outside the train station

Yes you’re right he has no dignity but his thoughts are in unity. If you didn’t know you would think he’s an urban mixtape legend, the way he remixes his thoughts just for justification

He’s comprehension of murder is nothing but fulfilment, but such fallacy

Reminiscing in his cell, all he see’s is an endless end of the sea just like his time in the penitentiary. He worry’s not though as he had achieved his goal – revenge, murder; but now he remains locked up, down counting his time to hell.


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