After Sex

We sex then
I space you
out because
you need your
space, although
you didn’t say

She feels the
hurt, so I stay
right here
my thoughts

My eye is a
pair so blame
me not if I act

I walk
from being
out of space
from her

I am so
my pupil is
so dilated

We drink and
bottle all
in this liquor

Lets get faded,
I evade you
with my words;
my thoughts
so crowded in

You hear me but
don’t feel me
You feel me but
don’t see me

Let me write
to you in
three lines
No need to lie
this is me no
deception a true
reflection, but
the multitude
of her like lucifer

I say to you
my thought
is a cobweb in
this maze,
a mere recipe
for disaster
So lets get
drunk and
bottle all
that brought
us this far back
into the future.


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