Mind State

My state
of mind 
is an amazing
maze even 
pacman will
get lost if
he was in it

I sprit roam 
in different place,
out of space
into others
place, moving
with several
pace in mind like
a Zulu warrior.
Like vapour
I move with
stealth filling
your nose with
alluring scent
but can’t be
I am the steam
beneath the
core of the earth.
The warm and
cooling; but please
don’t flaunt or I’ll
have you turned
to ash.
I’m kidding
but for real though
I’m the midnight jazz
The soul, The blue brother
like the Commodore’s
I’m blessed with
hair that defies
gravity. Skin tone so dark
it puts suncream to shame.
I produce my
own pigments,
paintings words
like Picasso from
few distorted
contorted views
From classics to 
freestyle. I’m an
80’s kid on
an expedition of 
voyage vintage
Soon to be an
engineer, what
the hell am 
I doing here. 
I think I love
writing, stringing 
words together 
then vandalising it 
like my state of mind.

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