I am not afraid to fall
I am going to be so cold 
Deep at ocean bottom 
My thoughts so cloudy
My heart so crowded
Got to keep this heart beating
What I’m trying to say is
We should just get wasted 
Since nobody here we should 
just get naked.
Beauty of your body within
No need to inspect, your personality 
shines bright enough
Been vindicated of restless love
Alchemy like Kemi the chemist 
I make love potion in small
Whatever you give is what you get
I reciprocate, they say truth is gritty,  
but you’re so pretty 
My favourite hue is you
I’ve waited century long to find you
You came out of the blue
Together Gemini and Capricorn, we made Pisces
Energy of the universe cascade on me 
to speculate our motive.

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