Poetry – Freestyle

Here I were listening to TGT
remising of all the fun at KFC.
Public love with my love at JFK
Cant no-one do it better than I can.
Cant wait to get your body alone,
after last night I already know;
hugging me so tight
I gave you my last name.
My proposition to you
We don’t need no ring our love
defies the stereotypical of materiality 
of the common world; A novelty of my uniqueness.
Be scared not our love is nothing like that; but
cast in gold stones, high upon on the wings of cupid
Sweat in sync on brow upon sex, connection restored 
with the movement of my hip.  
Characterised by the actions of an erotic novel;
we are the figures of blue, critically acclaimed
and steadily well versed in all acts of Karma-Sutra.
We’ll do it all night listening to TGT, and awake in the
morning with a cup of tea at our feet.

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