Dedication to Life

This is me in my realm
Simple as it can be
Simple with a dimple
on his checks
Simple as I am
I’m still an enigma
A tadpole in his mud
An amphibian amongst kings
Lord forgive me my sins
My past concealed in a bottle
floating on restless sea
Spotlight on my canvas
but I resent publicity
Never a dull moment;
my enemies dances with me
Never a man, until struck with a trial
I sip slow my flow never matching
Eyes bloodshot.
So cold my mind
programmed in zeroes.
White lies written on hallway
Down down low,
pretty brown
girl mischievous
like a gremlin
Father always told me be wary
son, wary of the choppy waves
as one day it may come for you.
The Lord is my shepherd
I recite Bible like there’s no
tomorrow – The psalms of David
and a Surah from the Quran.
If there’s a Torah I’ll probably
recite that too, for I’m grateful
for every breath I take.

: I thank God for living regardless of all; another year draws close to an end and here I’m still. We thank God.


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