This motion
masks the
potion of the
nation, lotion
for your body,
against sun-burn;
we step through
to this ocean, still
a mathematical quotient
in mind, anyway regardless
my patience ever dwindling.
Turn the light down low
let me
blow your mind
doing things
never done
before; how
do you want it?
Slow flow with Joe
or perhaps Drake is your preference;
whatever it is we can make it happen
I’m kidding
but for real though
I could offer
to be your lover
on scene
in time of need

You dig!
Looking like a twig
we sat beneath the fig
surrounded by pigs
I remember Jesus driving
the devil into the swine;
that’s why I never eat pork.
Unparalleled to fine
I’m a handsome man
with fine taste for wine.
My favourite be that
red and white. I like them
old and tasty and a dash
of lime for disinfection

Inspection of your
thought and a seep of
my wine allows for penetration.
Let me lecture you a bit.
The problem is, eventually
you end up falling for me;
Its inevitable but you may
prove me wrong.
Before you know it though
I’m seeing your thong,
your tongue on
show like a blue movie.
Oh well it’s just life and
must enjoy, I recalled.


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