My Confessions

You’ll be glad i don’t have
to chase you, still in this
waterbed, its getting cold

Don’t know if its your smell
or your kiss, but this much is true;
jealously in that Hennessy have
you brewing hate when tipsy

Come here let me kiss that
stroke that, touch that; whisper
that sweet thing to you;
so we’ll celebrate
all night, go further and liberate
you from being celibate

She’s green and a flower,
give me a signal, and I’ll show you
what it’ll be like;
seven erotic nights
of wonders.
In my car of Honda
we can go all night,
traffic jam all-night
until you climax

Soft jazz  playing at background,
I wanna be your motivation,
new position make you scream my
name in tight situation

I leave a note and a cup of coffee
on your table; just like a kid who found
candy I’m so happy I found you

Through this hype, I cascade for
your type, eventually you regret
falling for my type

All too soon beyond expectation.
Flowery dress on that skin falling
silky on your soft body;
beautiful angelic stance
seductive but beautiful

He loves regardless, even so
you’re a broken mirror; your face
flawless, like perfectly orthogonal
in all direction

If you have any question, all I see
is you, the pieces of you that makes
the larger piece of me

Now Im a take a bow, because
you’re my queen.
Miss Independent.


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