Free Verse

Lavishly in this space of mine,

I space out into this space with

pace for the race of greed in mind.

My race built perfectly to last against

the rays of hardship upon which we race

against the beast and giants of this world.

Intertwined in laces I brace myself against

failure, the brother to depression, but make

no mention, these are just random thoughts

of my unbalanced state of mind.


A state  where only joy and

positivity resides. Aside from the general

laws of relativity and attraction, I confide

and believe in the possibility of soul mate.

We mate intimately and then you say your late,

but I can’t help thinking of the men before me.

Okay; clean slate, perhaps we ought to rekindle

via a date, but too late my love for you already on



Keep calm; you’re angry, only because I’m the

mastermind who creates the platform for your hate.

Can you not see I’m the grandmaster. I remove the em

and put the c in caster. Like jasper can you not see I’m opaque.

The unreadable mysterio with tentacles of uncanny abilities.

Give me a canister and I’ll show you what I can do.

After that I will need a barrister to prove my innocence

Heir to the throne of Lanister, I’m wittingly reliable, able to

capitalise on your weakness for my capability.


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