Feathers are bound
limitless to the breeze
but my love extinct
like the dinosaurs.
I only fuck to survive

Why do I feel so much
guilt at the sight of
your body

Taste of sex runs
stale in the air leaving
me incarcerated

I dream of your
incarnated body.
Soft like fur, pure
like milk, drizzled on
your perfect body

I try to go PG, but
my love so exuberant
I switch to full erotica

Your naked face is all
I need to ascend beyond
climax. My excitement
no longer contained to
my heart but to my shaft

Your eyes glistened with
confusion like a
concussion of lust and

Slowly I approached,
your breast inflates
in lust

Perfectly propionate
in size and dimension,
softer than the clouds

I place my shaft in close
proximity of your pectus

The conjured heat of your
body materialised,
evaporating the wetness of

Materialised in the centralised
part of my medulla oblongata.
My shaft solid ready, ready to
enter your planet

With no armoury,
In wholesome faith I entered you,
moist, warm and tight.
I see the light.
I passed through the fabric of time
to the beginning of civilisation

I begin to decipher the Da’ Vinci code.
My tongue loose, I begin to compose and
decompose the Egyptian hieroglyphs

Beyond the edges of space I
transcribed our sex onto the stars
Neighbours wrote ode to our symphony
The cave men drew inspiration

I compose simple yet tight aural
lines for your climatic masturbating

Our tongues intertwined in passionate
kissing. I combine prose and poem with
saliva. On the bed of rose and lavender
I had you laid; wrapped in your
dark sheets as we made love through
the night, till the bright of morn.

You mourn sensually, timid-free.
You yelled and I delivered, frenzy
of orgasmic finger-work.The candle
dwindles, our scent fills the room

The sea simmers depositing all
energy on shore. Silence cascades
upon us, reality stung like a bitch.

What have I done!

© Dotun Gb | Poems


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