African parents lacks vibrant inspiration

Why do African parents lack the much needed vibrant inspiration towards their kids?

As you all know A-levels results are out, so my younger told me his mum said he shouldn’t aim high because he’s an average student.

Fair point I guess about being an average student lets just say for the sake of argument, even though he’s not.

But my gripe is simply the fact I quote
“Don’t aim high”. If our own parents who are meant to be our eminent figure and source of inspiration are telling us don’t aim high. Then how are we ever going to reach the top!

What a shame, I shake my head in disgust.

If the so called parents are meant to be those we look up to, then why do they restricts us and use their words to oppress us. They’re meant to be our greatest supporter not oppressor, but instead they lack this, just because they prioritise their reputation more in terms of what others perceive of them.

So they use us, their children as a camouflage of success simply for their own gains and respect.

Fair enough we all do, but do not short live others of what they desire most. Instead let them find their own way and be supportive.

– Dialogue –

She said the
problem with me is
when I have something
I always misuse it.
When I had the bb,
she broke it but now I
have this phone, I always
pick up.

No not at all,
it’s because
I’ve grown up
and become

She also said when
I got into CTK I misused
the opportunity
but no it’s because
I was indecisive,
so I chose a-levels
which I lacked passion
for and which wasn’t for me.
My fault I agree.

So she concluded,
now that I have
sussex, I’m basically
going to throw it away.

You see the thing is I
and I alone decide
what’s best for me.
And another thing is;
Time waits for nobody

I repeat time waits for nobody.
Once lost it can never be regained
It’s a universal fact!!


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