Educated Corrupted blacks


Educated Corrupted blacks…

Empathise for me, empathise for my brothers and sisters

who were killed in the struggle for my freedom

Would you please empathise for the

educated blacks who won’t make it home.

Did you wrong, mother Africa and I am sorry.

Never did I envisioned we will stray apart this long,

but these corrupted blacks are to be blamed.

United we are strong, but verily these corrupted blacks

stay strongly united in their corruption.

Undoubtedly you are always on my mind, but somehow

your memory fades on me the more I stay in this foreign land.

Can you not see I will forever miss your love, can you not see

how these corrupted blacks are tearing apart my beloved you.

Can you not see I can never return to you again….

© Dotun Gb | Poems




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