Prayer to God

Who else would I thank for
giving me this brain

None but you O’ God

I can try to compete with
The Psalm of David

But I would rather glorify you
in my own way

I acknowledge your love for me

But sometimes I feel you have deserted me

And the worst part is that
you say nothing back

How supreme you are

I read the Quran and meditate
on the Bible and it makes
perfect sense

So the reason why others see
it not, I wonder

Oh well it’s their doom I guess

I pray that you forgive me of
my transgression
and instil your fear in me

Please do not let me go astray!!
Soften my heart like the clouds
of the sky

Have mercy on me, my family
and friends

Guide me through my daily
walks of life and forgive me of my
future trespasses

I commit myself unto your
hands O’ God

© Dotun Gb | Poems



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