Smart Plagiarist

photo-4I pray to God on Sunday
to keep me till Monday.
I think all day for inspiration
but get nothing

So I pray again on Friday
but still nothing.
I try to remain steadfast in
prayers but still nothing.
So I begin to question
his existence.

I begin to think,
My mind begin to linger
My fingers begin to shake
I think of all that is at stake
But I want to make it at all cost
Money and women make me lust
So my heart excites further.

I look further beyond the
horizon and see nothing but ink,
So I begin to drink.
I begin to dream of sex but
could not call my ex.
Then I begin to rhyme
but could not mime the hope nor
fortitude to forget my sorrows.
But nay they see me as a
smart plagiarist as I borrow words
from every corner of the continent.

Yet, they are not content unless
they see me fail. They’re to be blamed
not. Only if they knew where I hail.
From the hills of Wales where we hail
down fire on our enemies as we drink
ale to remain hale

Oh! they’re so lacking, they try to
diss me but end up getting tongue
twisted like the people of the book.
They try to left right hook me
but failed as I spun around
to make them the fool.

Oh snap! they try to spew hate
with their looks but I care nonetheless
as I dive into this pool of success.

© Dotun Gb | Poems


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