Meet the heir to the house of Gb,

and my fair sister, as I strive to be a role model.

I never break character coz, I’m so calm

but still I care, a typical trait of a real heir.

I hear all their rumours but refuse to share.

They want me to comply with their dodgy

dealing so I stand out as an outcast.

At last I watched cloud atlas where I get the

inspiration to outsmart them, outlive them,

outrun them, while I refuse to join them.

So they plot to throw me into a den

But then my God placed me on a pedestal of

glory, far beyond their imagination that they

begin to stutter. Their tongues locked unable to utter,

their eyes flutter with disgust.

But I just looked up to the sky and praised your

name, for verily this moment I know you are with me


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