Dark Skin


My dark skin complicates things

far beyond my imaginations.

The dark sky lit by the radiant beauty of the

moon shows the beauty of darkness.

I wonder where my

dark skin will take me.

I wonder, will my dark skin ever

hold me back from glory.

I know not the answer.

My left eye sees nothing but the darkness

of this world, whilst my right sees light.

What a biased view.

The rim of your eyes is the rim of mine,

yet you discriminate against me.

Why, because I’m a dark colour.

I work twice to get noticed, still you pick

other colour before me.

You think I’m an insignificant colour,

oh! but I assure you I’m so significant

I’m so rich you have no idea.

So rich in melanin I need no sun-cream,

I produce my own pigments.

Still I’m just a figment of your imagination.

I’m so strong you have no idea

So strong I absorb other colours they make me king.

So strong my features shows through them all.

Now do you still think me insignificant?

You best not I advise, before I pounce

on your DNA and re-arrange it, like a

virus attacking your immune system.

Yours truly

Dark skin . X



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