These words

Delicate these words are

For  one day we shall all die.

Think twice before you dive

For all is one; love, laughter and cries.


The ocean secretes virtue,

It harbours secrets;

But, it never interprets nor judges.

For you must let go to grow

To incarnate your emotion like

an ocean.






My heart sank

It sunk deep

into the abyss.

So deep into

the sea, no

glimmer of light

can enlighten

the path to hope


My heart sank,

it sang rhythms

of love trapped in

the past. Love of one.

The one whom he

forever loves.


Love is King

I see the moon but
it sees me not.
I fell dead in love, then
you rose me with the warmth
of your kiss.
From the eyes I shut;
my fate I dream, like a
kite in the wind.

I dream of love

overthrowing the moon
in the still of night.
As though with wealth
I trade love, but no I
stay stealth one eyed,
partially blind to you.
I am one, growing to


What is it beyond

the fence that taunts my gaze

and set rage ablaze…

Shall I pace and divulge my rage a-free

to set this matrimony into abyss

Or erase my thoughts, my fears,

my hate, my rage and insanity and fill this

empty vessel with love from behind the fence.

Night light

When the sky
is dark; and the
wind is swift;
and all that is bliss;
and the moon
and star shone,
glowing, wearing
ornaments of glory;
why then shall you
not comprehend
that black is

Writes (1)

Arctic winter
blister my roots;
I can no longer
walk my lineage
with my foot

Mountain sees
the truth and
quiver like youth

Mute I stay, as
words desert
me to a land rich
of fruit but lacking
in truth

Oh History

Oh History!

Oh history; how you have
I removed the wig of history
and discovered lies on the
scalps of curators

I walk crippling into the
core of history where all lay
dead except my black skin,
so how can they say I’m sin

My skin is perfection
so they afflict mentally
and emasculate my history;
when truly the misery is theirs


Never seen is the faceless truth of law

in the court of flaws devoured by


Truth play dead in the library of


You can’t touch the truth, its a


Inquietude, truth burns lie,

ashes light in weight, it has no

measure on the scale of judiciary

I study the pursuit of anatomy of

iniquity in antiquity. I dissect the

anatomy of life and therein, 

embossed in a cocoon of humility,

the seeds of truth.

Edible love

What did I do to make you fall

so far from me

Like the opposite of apple

doesn’t fall too far from the tree

When beneath us, is a single tree of love,

and we are its fruits – love.




We reach the gates of future,

wearing our sleeves of past

Destiny embraces, testimony rolls

off tongue it divides dream from reality


I step into unknown; the known

vanishes leaving room for the

unknown to occupy


The unseen foe watches


Future blind to the oculist

Plans untold distort controlled by

rattled state of mind


Hate heightens and

condenses as dew blood

Crimson deeds fuelled by faith

Season by season,

my thoughts locked in prison

They kissed the world with ill fate

and expect an offspring of peace

Peace paralysed from vision of the blind

Cease my heart against seizure of the

night where lies three-headed

beast ready to consume you in

his feast


In time where joy brew

at the core of love;

Gentle wind reassures


Coral reefs swirl unsettled

by waves of emotions


Injustice words, alone, cold;

expensive mind like the

gem of a solid stone

Letter to Unborn Child

To my unborn child,

forgive me of the sins of

my youth; for my emotions

transgressed beyond the ink

to which I write to thee.


You deserve to live.

Everyday my heart beat for thee,

my love for thee be limitless like the

lines of thy palm.


Wrinkles on my hand,

your hands in mine, a

seed from my blood line;

I will forever love you till

the end of time until

death do us part.



We danced through

the night

Roses of lies

on a bed of erotica


My lips on you

Top to bottom

I’m kissing between

your thighs

My hips tight on yours

I’m yours tonight


We fused in time

tick-tock of the clock

no longer counts


To the night we ceased

We ceased the moon

We teased the stars

We condensate in glory


like steam — an embodiment

of seduction.